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I was very pleased to find that I found an entry on our houses at the Royal Institute of British Architects (short RIBA and very much worth a visit!).

One of the drawings

One of the drawings

Giles Walkley’s entry was shown in the Architects’ Journal 6 December 1978.  It came in 4 sheets in pen and ink in the colours black and red; one each of the front, back, side and from top.  It got a special price and the Judges commented: “A good choice of buildings, well laid out and nicely drawn.  Interesting use of colour as line rather wash or tone, giving a feel of the texture and appearance of the building.  The competitor notes that it took him 600 hours to measure and draw.  The plottings are very good, but not such a good set of photographs.”

Intrigued I wanted the drawings(I was not so much interested in the photographs since I guess that is much easier to be done today).  But who would/could spend 600 hours on a set of drawings?  And how to get them?  Doing an extensive Google search I had an address of a Giles Walkley in Australia.  Not knowing if it was the right one I decided to write to it.  I got a reply more than a year later – the letter had gone to his parents’s address and his father gave it to his sister who put it in a her handbag (probably one of many) and did not think about it for 12 months.  Needless to mention that my surprise was big when Giles’ letter came in the form of a tube with colour copies of the plottings!  They are now hanging in the house are are indeed very good!  Thank you again, Giles!


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