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Nikolai and I went to the park and were excited for two reasons.  First we heard and saw a great spotted woodpecker.  Second, there were a lot of new improvements made in the last few days and the park is nicer than ever!  I did not know, but there is a group called the Friend of Margravine Cemetery and they got a grant and spend it wisely (see for their site in the Link section on the right).

We can see the park's trees both from our garden and and from the Studio

We can see the park's trees both from our garden and and from the Studio

Their website also has a lot history and I quote the part of it that made the cemetery into such a nice park: “The 16½ acres of Margravine Cemetery became a Garden of Rest in 1951 when the then Hammersmith Council concerned at its dilapidated appearance decided to remove as many memorials and bury as many tombstones as possible and lay the cleared land to grass; there were many local objections but in general the Council paid heed only to those received from the registered grave owners and left such plots undisturbed, as were those in the care of the Commonwealth War Graves Commission. Some of the more significant memorials also were retained, including the Young family mausoleum, the only one in the cemetery.”

Margravine Cemetery is definetely worth a visit and they have events including Fungi talks and walks!


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